Welcome! Dancing In My Kitchen

Welcome! I’m so happy you found your way to my first blog post here at Dancing In My Kitchen. I love to write and my hope for this blog is that I can create a place where women can share their “recipes” for joyful living, creativity and wellness, a place where we can all learn from each other.

So why Dancing In My Kitchen? My Mom ran a happy kitchen. If you visited her ( I grew up in Stratford, Ontario, Canada) and your plan was to stay for a few minutes, she would not be satisfied until she made you something to eat plus a steaming cup of Red Rose tea. You didn’t rush things at Mom’s house. She wasn’t pushy, she just had a way of making people want to stay. I think it was her genuine kindness and generousity.

My kitchen is a happy place too. Family, friends and dogs gather here. But when I’m alone, I sing ( not very well ) and crank up the music. I chop, boil, bake, get a little hip swing goin’ and when I’m really feeling it — do some fist pumps. I call that dancing. It’s not pretty. However, the strangest things can happen when I’m doing my kitchen cooking dance. Suddenly, I have a brilliant insight into something that’s been troubling me or a creative problem is magically solved. I keep a sticky note pad on the counter to write it all down. Dancing in the kitchen works for me on a multitude of levels. Plus, we get to eat too.

A Little About Me and My Co-Author

First off, I’m a wife (married 35 years) and mom of two wonderful adult kids who have equally wonderful significant others. Hubby and I live on thirty acres of rocks and trees in Northern Indiana where we attempt to make things look half-assed civilized, grow a few things in the garden and entertain family and friends. I’m also a feature writer for two regional magazines in the Fort Wayne Indiana area, Glo for women and HOME Living: Indoors Outdoors a magazine with a focus on home life. I love writing for each of these publications.

My co-author Earl, is our nine pound thirteen year old terrier who has been blind for the last three years. This little dog has quite a reputation. One of the most outstanding characteristics about Earl is that he’s always with me when I write. My habit is to be in my office by 1 p.m. but if I dilly-dally, get sidetracked or am just flat-out procrastinating, he goes in and stands by my desk. Seriously. There is nothing more guilt-inducing than an old blind dog waiting for you to sit down and accomplish something. If he can make the walk to my office, I should at least sit in the chair and open my iPad so he can relax. Right? Every creative/writer/artist/songwriter needs an Earl. I should make t-shirts.

When he became blind, it was so difficult to find information quickly so as a tribute to my little pal and his keen ability to keeping my butt in the office chair, I decided to pen a (hopefully!) handy short resource guide to help other blind dog owners. Earl seems pretty excited about it

and is looking forward to seeing it up on Amazon some day soon. If you or a friend can’t wait and you need help with a newly blind dog go to Earl’s page at the top of the blog for some quick tips and wonderful resources. I’ll post other helpful articles here too, so stay tuned.

So now it’s your turn. Tell me about yourself. Kids? Pets? Bossy dog or cat? Kitchen Dancer? What do you do in your kitchen??? Favorite kitchen memories? Please share:)

Have a happy week! Earl sends kisses…

Coming Next Week: Simply Soup – (is there anything better on a chilly autumn day?)

Until then,









2 thoughts on “Welcome! Dancing In My Kitchen

  1. I laughed and laughed when I pictured Earl waiting for you by your desk. Was he tapping his paw too? Ha ha! Yes, I need an Earl to make me write daily.

    Your mom sounds so wonderful. I wish I could have hung out in her kitchen. She probably would have ended up shoving me out the door, though, around 10 pm!

    I can’t resist sharing a memory of good times with my mom. We shopped and went out to lunch a lot, but my favorite times were when we hung out in the living room reading. She loved to read and so did I, so she’d stretch out on the cushy couch and I’d grab the loveseat. We’d look up once in a while and share a thought or story. Sometimes it was about the book we were reading, sometimes it was about our lives. One day when I was 18 or 19, she talked me into reading Marjorie Morningstar, which I loved and my oldest daughter loves too. It was fun to pass that book on. I convinced my mom to read The Flame and the Flower. She wasn’t so impressed. She said the Captain was just a horny man. I thought he was a dashing hero!


    • He doesn’t tap his paw lol but he gets up from the couch or whatever room he happens to be in and saunters slowly down the hallway— I think it’s for effect —and stands by my office chair. After I give him a pat on the head and sit in my chair, he’ll go lay in his little bed by my desk. He thrives on routine.

      My Mom was a happy, warm woman. Your Mom sounds wonderful too! Thanks so much for sharing your memory of her and how the love of reading and books has been passed down to your daughters. Too funny about The Flame and the Flower!!!! I would have liked her sense of humor. I bet you cracked up!
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by Natalie!


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