Sunsets, Snow, Friends, Family


No regular blog post this week, I’m busy shopping, chopping and dancing my way through Thanksgiving preparations. However, I do want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving and if you don’t celebrate our American holiday, I wish you all good things this week and the weeks ahead.

Earl and I will be back next week with a fun post about exercise. Oh don’t groan… there’s actually a scientific way to get you moving and it’s kind, compassionate and nonjudgemental. Really!

I do want to leave you with a smile though. When my daughter, her husband and their dog Sonny came out and spent the weekend with us a few weeks ago, she took this beautiful picture of our barn as the sun was going down.

Gorgeous fall sunset.

Gorgeous fall sunset.

It was a wonderful weekend of much laughter, good food and time spent enjoying the great outdoors. Earl enjoys having his dog friends visit and Sonny takes good care of him.

"Meet my devilish handsome friend Sonny."

“Meet my devilish handsome friend Sonny.”

This week, the scenery changed.

Oh no! Snow!

Oh no! Snow!

Earl is not impressed that his fourteenth winter has begun so soon in November.

Baby, it's so, so, cold outside...wake me up when it's over.

Baby, it’s so, so, cold outside…wake me up when it’s over.

Don’t worry, he won’t sleep forever, he loves turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Smooches and hugs,

Nancy and Earl


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