Holiday Workouts: Some Is Better Than None

My problem during the winter is I don’t exercise enough. Mix in the holidays and a couple of vacations heading into spring and my good intentions seem to fall by the wayside.

Here are a few things you can do right now if you need to get back on track:
Plan your exercise for the week. I mean PLAN. Write it down where you will see it or put it in your phone and set a reminder. Choose a convenient place, a convenient time and choose an activity you will actually do. Make it fun, not punishment. Moving for ten minutes is better than zero minutes. My favorite saying when it comes to exercise is “some is better than none.”

Sometimes your day doesn’t allow for a full-on workout, especially during the hectic holiday season. Here are three free apps I use when my day goes haywire.

7 ( this is deceptive because it’s only seven minutes but wow, do you feel good afterward! Modify any moves you can’t perform. I do:)

Simply Yoga is a revved up yoga routine but it does the trick! For a slower, mindful yoga experience there are tons of great short routines on Youtube.

Workout is actually several workouts in one app. All good:)

Last night when I received an email from  Greatist
my favorite nutrition, health and wellness websites, I cracked up. They’re having a 30 day challenge in partnership with Fitbit, and the entire premise is “just do something”

It’s a 30 day calendar of physical activity that will take you mere minutes to do plus there’s no equipment and no special clothing needed. I did my planks this morning in my p.j.’s.

I thought I might die, but felt much better after coffee. Earl joined me afterward for a 20 minute yoga app routine. He’s really good at corpse pose.

Earl hits the yoga mat

Earl hits the yoga mat

He does a nice downward facing dog too but I have no pictures to share. Sorry.

Personally, I can’t wait for the Greatist Challenge 3 song dance day. This is a fun way to get back on track and to keep you moving through the holidays. You can connect with others doing the challenge including me on Twitter at #holidayfit or you can tweet me personally @NancyEGibson and we can keep each other pumped.

Regular physical activity makes me feel energetic, strong and vibrant. Going forward after the holidays, I want to sustain and maintain my workouts better than I have in the past and I’m currently learning some good solid strategies which I will share in future posts.

Just in case you think I’m some teeny young svelte athlete I’ll tell you I am not anything of the sort. Nope. I am a middle-aged, average weight, short girl with stubby legs who can kick ass when she needs to. Just one more benefit of regular physical activity.

So let’s kick ass together, shall we? Leave me a comment if you have time:)


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