The Threefold-Great Escapes

Tough day? Guess what? I hope to make your day better and brighter. Cuddle up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and prepare to be whisked away to great blog content, photography, comfort and food.

I admire anyone who has photography skills because I’m hopeless with a camera. Ask hubby, ask my kids. They will laugh loud, long and hard. Oh, the embarrassing stories they could tell! But let’s talk about that another day, let’s see what three terrific foodies, do-it-yourselfers and photographers are up to.

A Garden For The House
Kevin makes his recipes and gardening tips humorous but have no doubt, they are for real. Every recipe I’ve tried has turned out well and when I needed to know about how to prevent squirrels from digging up spring bulbs he had the most informative and totally hilarious post. And it WORKED.

When I tell hubby I’m making one of my cyber-boyfriend’s recipes for dinner he smiles, because he knows it’s going to be delicious. If I say I making one of Kevin’s recipes, he looks puzzled and says, “who?” So, Kevin will remain my cyber-boyfriend where hubby is concerned.

At Kevin’s place you can go for a garden tour with his adorable dog, (come on, you had to know there would be a dog!) and find humorous, yummy recipes. Take your time and meander…truly delightful!

Aiken House and Gardens
I love going to Carolyn’s little cottage on Prince Edward Island. Oh my. Girly-girl stuff. Lace, teacups, soft lighting. Almost meditative. Love. I have some serious china envy with this girl. Every single teacup/teapot/place setting she shares, I want. I want them all.

I haven’t been to Prince Edward Island since I was a child. My parents were married in Summerside P. E. I. during WW II and were happily married  just shy of 68 years before Mom passed away. P. E. I. is also the setting for one of my favorite childhood books, Anne of Green Gables. Go to Carolyn’s. Sit, stay, breathe. Have a cup of tea. Lovely!

Mrs Twinkle : My Wonderful Little World
How could you not like a young woman named Mrs. Twinkle? Her DIY ideas for adults and kids are fun, her photos gorgeous, her recipes yummy. In addition to her lovely children, she has a dog too. Take the time to explore, you won’t be sorry. Plus it’s Switzerland! Who doesn’t want to go to Switzerland??? Get thee to Switzerland to see Mrs. Twinkle! Kick back, relax. She will make you smile. Promise!

What about you? Where do you go for a blog escape? Please share in the comments!


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