The Christmas Wreath Stays Part Two

My previous post The Christmas Wreath Stays is about two American Goldfinches roosting in the Christmas wreath on my front door since early December. In case you haven’t read that post, these birds are very small and both would fit in the palm of a small hand. They fly into the wreath at twilight to roost and stay all night until first light. The fun thing is we can see them, sort of— because our door is etched beveled glass. By nightfall, little Mr. and Mrs. are magnified in a weird funhouse mirror way.

Hubby ALWAYS sees both of them fly in. I mean he REALLY see them. I have only ever seen one fly in. So before twilight one evening I positioned myself, determined to witness this event on my own, equipped with a glass of wine and Earl on my lap, at the big window in the dining room. I imagined them coming from the front, up the hill, down the short sidewalk to the front door.

Hubby remained in his position on the couch facing the door where he ALWAYS sees them. I kept my eyes trained on the hill. Earl was a good sport even though he seemed confused by our new evening seating arrangement.

Then it happened.
Hubby says; “See it?”
Me; “Really?”
Hubby snickering; “Yeah one just flew in.”
Me, not taking my eyes off the window; “Are you kidding me?”
Hubby chuckling a little; “Keep looking, the other one will come soon.”
Me: Speechless (for a change:) frantically scanning the landscape side to side totally pissed I didn’t see the first one.
Hubby: “And there’sssss… the other one! See it? Did you see it?”
Me: “S—T” !!!!

Nope didn’t see them. Apparently they flew in over the house from the right, left or the back. I don’t know why I was so certain they would come from the front. Hubby laughed and I think he even slapped his knee once or twice.


I didn’t see those darn birds either!

A few nights later, I was sitting in Hubby’s spot on the couch and saw them both fly in. Mrs. flies in first and fluffs everything up with her beak which is adorable. Then Mr. flies in and there’s a greeting, a birdy hug and they cuddle up tight. Hubby says Mr. comes in last because the poor guy always has to work late. I say she works too but feels it’s important to come home and makes things pretty and comfy for him. Then we laugh.

Winters get pretty long out here in the middle of nowhere.

After that night, they never came back. I waited three days before I took the wreath down. I’d been noticing a flock of goldfinches at my bird feeder and I like to think they’re staying with family and friends now. My little birds have flown the wreath.

I miss my little fatheads and all our funny stories about them. However, the beauty of living out here in the sticks is there’s always another critter with strange behaviors waiting in the wings.

Now we have a bad-ass squirrel…

Do you have any bird or animal stories to share? Let me know in the comments!

Hugs and Smooches!
Nancy and Earl


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