Tips for Writing A Personal Essay

Ha! I’m back! I’m doing a happy dance, finally, a normal day after weeks of *&^%$#@!!!! Earl is snoozing and

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing personal essays. Eight years ago I’d written a handful of essays for the back page of a local magazine, enjoyed it immensely but never gave much thought to writing them again once that particular publication closed down. Now, I love reading essay collections especially humor stories by Connie Schultz, Sloane Crosley, Erma Bombeck and Mindy Kaling (yes, The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling) What I wouldn’t give for a kitchen table discussion with these ladies about their writing craft.

If, like me, you’ve been thinking about writing personal essays and honing your craft here are three terrific links with solid info you can put to use right now.

1) Writing A Personal Reflective Essay

A deep dive into the parts of a personal essay and how to put your words to work:)

2) How To Write A Personal Essay That Will Tell Your Story The Way You Want It To

13 tips with keen insights to take you from draft to finished product

3) 8 Tips For Dazzling An Editor With Your Personal Essay

An editor who is also a writer and teacher offers her tips for writing the personal essay.

How about you? Ever thought about writing personal essays? Any resources. books or authors you’d like to share?

Have a happy afternoon and evening! Earl says;

You should really get back to work now!

“You should really get back to work now or bake me a chicken.”



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