In Honor of Earl


I haven’t been around in some time and there is a reason for this absence. On Friday, June 17th we laid our little dog Earl to rest. I’ve known the day would come since early April and come it did. My little warrior’s heart was brave up until the end and he was surrounded by many of the people he loved. We buried him in a spot by the barn where I can look out my kitchen window and “see” him. My husband found a beautiful red rock to mark the spot and I’m busily trying to make things pretty. Bunnies and birds have been coming to visit, even a deer or two. Earl would love this attention and would gladly give them a merry chase if he only he could.

I’ll continue with the blog but how and when I’m not sure. I need some more time but I will indeed do something to honor my little buddy and keep to the regular writing schedule he held me to. 1 p.m. My office. He was there. Laying in the sun, waiting. He’d stand to acknowledge my presence in the chair and lay back down.

Such a dear little dog, a true friend and companion. My family and I miss him more than words can say. 14 years old and three months! Almost four years blind but he was fearless and brave and enjoyed his independence in the house and outdoors. Don’t worry, he liked to be babied too. He was with us through thick and thin, vacations and parties. Earl could party, believe me, staying up well into the night around campfires, late night snacks or party clean-up. Always there, always with us. It can’t and won’t be the same without him.

Love and smooches,



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