Your Dictionary Definition


I was doing some guided journaling this morning and my prompt today was this:

What is the dictionary definition of you?

I took this to mean who I am inside, not a bio. Off the top of my head, I wrote:

Nancy E. Gibson: Known to be a funny, kind, loving, book worm, nature girl who is very curious. Also an ardent supporter and protector of children, husband, and animals large and small.

So of course I’m curious (can’t help myself!) What’s your dictionary definition of you? The “you” inside?

Have a HAPPY day!





5 thoughts on “Your Dictionary Definition

  1. This is a topic I havent seen on wordpress yet. And Im not being sarcastic. If I had a dictionary definition: Id be toys r us kid, happy baby, nerd, friend of the people, eternal babysitter, etc


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