Laughing With Dogs


This week we’ve been babysitting our granddogs Remy and Jimmy because my son Seth and his wife Rachel have finally made their get-away for their honeymoon trip to Isle Royale Michigan.

Meet Remy

Can we go for a walk Grandma?

Can we go for a walk Grandma?

As you can see, she’s a pit bull terrier. Thanks to people like Michael Vick, horrible owners and bad breeders, pit bulls are stuck with a bad reputation. Remy was adopted by Seth and Rachel as a puppy and she’s three years old now. She’s raised with love, training and patience like every dog deserves and she gladly gives back the love with big sloppy kisses. She is a big smooshy teddy bear!

Even though as a puppy she outweighed Earl by at least 25 pounds, she was gentle and loving towards him right from the beginning. She was very curious because he didn’t give the regular cues like play bows or butt sniffing because he was blind.

Earl didn’t know which end of a dog was up unless the dog stayed still. On their first meet, in a moment that melted our hearts, she simply laid down in the grass so Earl could smell her end-to-end. She didn’t mind his little wet nose, in was a moment of mutual understanding. Then she followed him everywhere…

Here they are chilling out together two summers ago. This is one of my favorite pictures of them together when she was a puppy. All the dogs love to sit in the garage and look over the hill. Earl is listening over the hill:)

It's ok Remy, you sleep, I'm watching out for you.

It’s ok Remy, you sleep, I’m watching out for you.

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy is a fox terrier and was rescued by my daughter Natalie but not from a shelter. Natalie kept hearing the woman below her apartment screaming at someone and soon found out she was screaming at a very small puppy. When the woman put the puppy out on the deck for punishment in a driving snowstorm Natalie was beside herself. She tried to help her by being friendly and talking to her about how to train a puppy but the screaming and God- knows- what else continued. She told Natalie over and over she only wanted a dog who would sit on her lap and watch T.V.

Not much for Netflix but I do love a big picture window.

Not much for Netflix but I do love a big picture window.

If you know fox terriers, they probably aren’t going to sit on your lap and binge watch Netflix unless they’re very old or very feeble. They are feisty, curious, independent and loving dogs. They like to sit with you and snuggle into your side but lap dogs not so much. Natalie’s approach to her neighbor actually worked in a very peculiar way. A few weeks later the woman hammered on her apartment door and stood there, crate, blankets, dog bed and Jimmy in hand and yelled, “I f—-ng hate him. You take him.” Which Natalie gladly did.

Natalie in turn gave Jimmy to Seth who happened to be looking for a dog. Jimmy and Seth bonded immediately and have had ten happy years together of high energy fun and hi jinx. Natalie says she noticed right away that Seth and Jimmy had similar personalities. It’s the way those two roll. Rachel has always loved Jimmy too and I think he likes having a lady about the house to baby him a little.

When Earl wasn’t blind he and Jimmy would go on sniffing expeditions around the yard. Jimmy was always interested in what Earl was doing and it continued even when Earl became blind. I think in some way Jimmy sensed Earl knew the territory and the best hunting spots.

Paws To Have Fun

Ok, even I admit that’s a really bad play on words…

It’s been a fun week having Jimmy and Remy around, it’s so easy to get back into my “Earl” routines with them. We go for a couple of walks in the woods a day but it’s a little different with these two. Earl used to stay on trail, Remy and Jimmy are off trail most of the time and can disappear very quickly into the tall brush. When I call them, there’s a huge crash (Remy, of course!) followed by a thrilling jump over whatever tall plant is in the way and then they literally “pop” back on trail. Seeing a happy dog running and jumping with their big goofy dog smiles makes me laugh every single time. We all come back home with smiles on our faces. Perhaps they love my big goofy human smile as well? I hope so.

For a few more days, I’ll keep laughing out loud with them out on the trails and smiling at their silly antics around the house. Let’s not even get started with the things they do with Grandpa. I love laughing with dogs. Do you? What do your dogs do to make you laugh?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nancy, Remy and Jimmy


3 thoughts on “Laughing With Dogs

  1. I love hearing about pet stories although sadly, some stories don’t usually have good endings. My jack russ terrier was sort of left behind by the owner of the house we now live in. We came in one day to see a rugged but friendly canine who clearly needed taking care of, poor thing is sometimes left alone by the owner . It wasn’t too hard to convince him he can leave the dog with us and our two labs are more than happy with another addition. The terrier is old but still manage to be really feisty and loving at the same time. We are glad to have him. Wonderful post on those dogs. Oh, seeing Earl kind of reminds me of Stein and that picture of them up there sniffing each other. 🙂 have a great weekend.


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