Gratitude and Blog Love


Two weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers, Claire at  thecoffeebeanbrain received a Sunshine Blogger award. I was shocked and humbled when she mentioned me along with several other wonderful bloggers in a list of people who she feels are spreading sunshine as well. Although I was surprised I was on her list, I wasn’t surprised Claire shared her special moment. She doesn’t strike me as the type to keep all the accolades to herself. She very much deserves this award.

Every weekend, I look forward to reading her “if we were having coffee” posts along with her regular blog posts. I am grateful for her insights and deep dives into making her way in this world and having the bravery to share it with others. I am grateful for her honesty. Thank you Claire for your comments, encouragement and putting me on your sunshine list with all those other accomplished bloggers. It means more than you could ever know.

Another blogger I am heartily grateful for is Rachel Mankowitz who writes The Cricket Pages and does deep dives of another type. She poses a problem or situation along with her thoughts and opinions and then tells us what she is certain her dogs Cricket and Butterfly would think or do. This is not to say her posts are silly. Somehow she’s tackled topics like yoga class in her synagogue, the pitfalls of health insurance, social anxiety and rescuing a baby squirrel. Rachel is not afraid to tell her truth or how she views life but there’s also a certain levity to her posts because Cricket and Butterfly are so darn cute. To be truthful, I’m not sure how she does it but I’m glad she does!

Thank you Rachel for your support and encouragement and for “liking” every single post I’ve ever written. You are a loyal blogging buddy.

This weekend get to know these kind, generous women through their brilliant and effective writing. They’ll make you think AND make you smile. Enjoy their sunshine and have a HAPPY weekend!




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