Five For Friday


Come on in! Get warm. Northern Indiana is chilly today with a dust of snow. Sit and have some hot chocolate. I’m kind of partial to Giardelli’s Chocolate with Caramel these days.

How have you been?

Remember when I mentioned the workout app 7 Minutes a couple of weeks ago? Well, Greatist, one of my favorite health websites and email newsletters did an article about 7 Minutes last week and gave it a thumbs up for being a scientifically proven workout.

I do have to say though that if you read this article or follow the info-graphic and you’re getting up in years or perhaps have knee or leg issues, you don’t have to do the step-ups with a chair. ALWAYS modify exercise programs for your body and your fitness level (I do:) and talk to your Doctor if you aren’t sure something is right for you.

Here you go: 7 Minute Workout Science Says Actually Works 

Here’s another great newsletter article from Greatist —A Morning Routine to Set You Up for A Kick-Ass Super Productive Day by Susie Moore. Susie’s blog is called No Regrets which just makes me smile. Great advice laced with humor. Who doesn’t want to be Kick-Ass and Super Productive?

And while we’re working out and being totally kick-ass and productive lets take some time to refill our creative well this weekend with soothing, calm words and photography from Susannah Conway and her wonderful blog and website. I found Susannah in the pages of  the winter issue of Project Calm Magazine one of my go-to magazines for inspiration and creativity.

Another go-to magazine along the same vein is BREATHE, and like Project Calm is an import from the U.K. Seems to me the Brits are having all the fun, creativity and relaxation! I’m so looking forward to a trip to the bookstore to pick up new issues. Inspiring artwork, photography and writing. Great for a winter afternoon or evening paired with a cozy throw, warm socks and a cup of tea.



On the home front, hubby and I are dog sitting our granddog Sonny this week. I miss Earl very much so I’m extremely happy Sonny is here and can take me for walks:)
Isn’t he a handsome boy?

Sonny and I send smooches!
Have a wonderful weekend,


2 thoughts on “Five For Friday

  1. Hi Nancy, it’s nice to see you on my reader timeline as soon as I logged in to see my (dusty) blog. I loved that the first article here is about exercising as I’ve been struggling with a daily routine. I am definitely checking this out and hopefully start with it too. I hope you are doing well. Still missing my dog and as soon as I saw Earl on your site, the image of Sid and him walking down heaven’s garden popped up in my head again. Lol.


    • Hi! It’s nice to hear from you! I posted this eons ago and I’m not sure how it got back up and posted today. Very weird. My blog is very, very dusty too. LOL Not sure I’m coming back to it but maybe this is a sign? Awww… yes, Sid and Earl, I hope they’re having a great time. Earl’s name comes up a bunch around here as I’m sure Sid’s does at your house. We’re so lucky to be dog lovers even though we have to say good-bye way too early. So great to talk to you:) (((Hugs))))


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