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Earl’s Page

Here are some helpful links to get you started on your new life with a blind dog. I know you’re scared and your dog is scared too but Earl and I and thousands of other blind dogs and their owners are here to tell you it will be ok. Earl was blind for almost four years before he passed away and he was living proof blind dogs can live wonderful lives. Your dog will sense your anxiety so the sooner you take positive steps the less anxious you and he or she will be. Here are some positive places to begin.

Blind Dog Forums: You ask a question and someone will answer. Great support!

Blind Dogs.net – Where dogs “see” with their heart! A lovely, comprehensive site that will soothe your soul and get you started toward a new normal. Lots to view here. Take your time. Breathe:)

Helpful article — Living With Blind Dogs

One of the best books is a title of the same name by Caroline D. Levin R.N. – Living With Blind Dogs
This book is hands-down one of the most comprehensive books about living with low vision and blind dogs. It’s well worth the price but if you’re on a limited budget, try buying it used at Abe Books.

Coming soon: I hope to put the finishing touches on Oh, I See! about the days following Earl’s blindness, the strategies we used to find a new normal and the strategies we used to improve the quality of his life.

If you find some of these links are no longer working or you have a question, please email me and Earl at nancyegibs@gmail.com

Earl sends smooches to you and your pup!


Here are some links to blog posts that I’ve written about living and loving a blind dog.

The Nose Knows – a post about how placing scent in your home will help  your dog navigate his/her home

Grieving The Loss Of Your Pet – several resource books I’ve found helpful


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