Workout Apps For A Busy Day


Come on in!

In honor of my healthy aging commitment, I’m trying to be more consistent in my aerobic activity and strength training. But, what do I do when my schedule runs wild? Here are three workout apps I use when I’m short on time or when life intervenes and my day is jam-packed with other responsibilities.

These apps are free but if you need more workouts you can buy a premium membership too. You’ll be able to determine if these apps are right for you by going to the website links provided here.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge

7 Minutes? Seriously, what can we accomplish in 7 minutes? Hmmm…. turns out quite a bit. Try it for 7 minutes dear friend and if you’d like to workout a little longer, just press the button again. This is a great app to keep some consistency in your workouts when life is topsy-turvy.  Plus, we’re developing and maintaining a workout habit muscle. Something is always better than nothing. High-fives!


Funny name, solid workouts, good results. Is it a cardio, yoga, stretch or strength day today? How many minutes? You pick from 5-60 minutes. All good. Lots to do here. You won’t be bored.


This one is new for me. One thing that might drive you nuts is the fact that on iPad the main menu where you choose your workout does not go to landscape mode. I have a keyboard attached to my iPad so my keyboard is flopping around while I choose my workout.

However, I can assure you that the actual workouts are in landscape mode and my keyboard is back on the desk. Whew!

Workouts are 10 – 30 minutes long, beginner to advanced. I workout harder when I use a yoga app rather than my own sequence of poses. Translation: Nancy’s sequence = easy, Daily Yoga= challenge.

Do you have any favorite workout apps you’d like to share? Have you tried any of these workout apps?

Be happy:) and have a great weekend!